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From: lee robbins
Subject: Experimentation 2Normal disclaimers, don’t read if u don’t like sex, don’t read if you’re
underage, don’t read if you don’t want to read about bisexual/gay sex.*************************************So at that point I knew I liked my ass being played with, my girlfriend had
obviously worked this out as well! Especially after the fucking i gave her
after she brought me off with her fingers.The rents were still away. We had over a week left alone. So how were we
going to spend it? Well the day after my anal assault was college, she had
the day off, which made it hard for me to go. But went I did.I could feel my hole twitching all day. I couldn’t believe it, I was
distracted all day. My cock was up and down all day, my hole ached, like it
needed to be touched and played with. I was so horny by the time the day
was over.I walked back, almost ran, but wanted my energy. She was there on the sofa,
in just her panties. Her hot body on show for me.”I’ve had a hardon all day. I need sex with you.” I said to her. I threw my
bag on the floor, and took off my tshirt, revealing my slim, smooth, toned
body. Small pecs housed my small brown nipples, going down I had a natural
six pack stomach, outline of them could be seen as I breathed.She smiled at me and said, ” I’ve been waiting for you to come home, I have
a surprise for you.We went up to her bedroom, kissing, my trousers and boxers went wayward
somewhere up the stairs as well as her panties.She pushed Preteen Nymphets Bbs me down on the bed a swallowed my cock. God it felt good and
just what I needed. Her fingers sliding up and down my chest and stomach
felt great, after the horniness I had felt all day it was good to feel all
these sensations. Her mouth moved up and down my cock, one hand cupped my
balls and the other stroked my nipples. YES! I felt fantastic. Her hand
moved off my balls and stroked over the top of my hole. I let out a
sigh. Oh god she’s going to do it again. Her fingers circled my hole, and
her mouth moved to my balls. Then her Tongue was at my hole. My legs were
back as I gave her more access. A finger started it’s entry to me, I just
moaned, my eyes were shut and I was just encompassed by wave of
pleasure. She reached across to the side of the bed and got a bottle of
something, she squeezed it over her fingers and applied it to my hole.I drew my breath in, it was cold, but her finger, which then became 2
fingers slid in and out easily this time, I was moaning like a whore in
heat. I pushed my ass back against her fingers. She pulled them out then I
felt pressure at my hole, a bit of pain and streching, more fingers I was
guessing, 3 this time. She pushed them in, my hole opened up eventually,
she atarted slow with them, as soon as I started moaning she piched up the
pace. My cock was rock hard and dribbling precum into my 6-pack. Damn this
felt good. She was fiddling about in the drawer again. I kept my eyes shut,
just liking sensation I was getting from my ass. She pulled something out
the drawer. She took her fingers out and I felt empty.I heard the pop of the cap of the lube open again. A just kept my position,
legs back against my chest, my hole of my tight little bubble butt
exposed. I then felt coldness against my hole again, I relaxed to take her
fingers, I felt myself open up and take them in, after a couple of seconds
I realsied this was bigger, where her fingers only just reached a little
inside me this was thicker, more solid, and longer as I felt it going
deeper and deeper into me. Small amounts of pain as it pushed it’s way in,
I tried to relax as she pushed, what I assumed was her dildo into me,
brushing my prostate I just moaned and pushed down to take it deeper.I cud feel the head of the cock shaped intruder as it scraped the sides of
my ass. She slowly pulled it out of me and pushed it back in. As she did
that an overwhelming burst of Preteen Nymphets Bbs pleasure rocketed thru me, it brushed my
prostate on the way out and in. I moaned loudly, my cock throbbed and
precum dribbled onto my stomach. My arms were streched out above my head,
my head shaking from side to side as my girlfriend fucked me with this cock
shaped dildo. And you know what? It felt amazing! I was loving it, I was
pushing my ass back against the intruder. It felt big in Preteen Nymphets Bbs me, I really had
no idea how big this thing was. But it felt like it was streching me wide
open as she slid it in and out of me, I was feeling on fire. She pushed of
all the way in, I felt a little ridge in the dildo against my hole, it was
held there, making me completely full. And my god it felt good in there! I
just laid there waiting on what she would do to me next.I felt the ridge pushing against my hole, and a force pushing me. I looked
up and finally, for the first time in the 10 or so minutes she had been
fucking my ass with the dildo, I opened my eyes. What I saw was my
girlfriend sliding her pussy down the other end of the dildo. My god it was
a horny sight, watching her take in the dildo, seeing it slide up her,
something much bigger than my dick. As she was pushing down the pressure on
my prostate grew. She took it all, quickly, her pussy was up against my ass
nearly, I could feel her heat. My cock just throbbed. She slid the dildo
out of her, causing it to slide slightly out of me, rubbing my sweet spot
as it did. Then she push back against me and it slid back into Preteen Nymphets Bbs
both of us.We got into a good rhymn and fucked ourselves Preteen Nymphets Bbs up and down the length of the
double ended dildo. I was in heat, I felt soooo good I just wanted more. It
was all feeling too good, she was moaning, I was moaning. Preteen Nymphets Bbs
She picked up her
pace and started really going hell for leather on the big fake cock we were
sharing, this in turn meant that it was pushing in an out of me faster and
faster, causing me to want it faster, deeper and harder, pushing it against
my prostate over and over again. It eventually was too much for me. One
push all the way in and I felt it happen. My spunk raised up my shaft and I
exploded, literally, 12 shots of cum came rocketing out of me. First one
must have been over my head. Next 2 on my face and the others down my chest
and then a dribble into my neat and trimmed pubes.I think she orgasmed at the same time, I was too engrossed in my own
explosion to care! I lay there panting away, she slid herself off the fake
cock, pushed it once more up me, causing me to moan and then pulled it
out. I felt empty, my hole must have been gaping but I didn’t care, she got
on top of me and started licking my cum up, she gathered it in her mouth
and then kissed me, pushing my cum into my mouth, I really didn’t care,
infact the taste was ok.I swallowed away, she just grinned at me and said “more fun tomorrow?”I just grinned and nodded.******************************That’s this part over. I have the next few parts in my head already. So
just wait for the next part of matt’s exploration!Mail bstokeguyhotmail.co.uk if you liked, or hated!!
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